18. December

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17. London Israel

At the beginning of October we went for a trip to London for 5 days. The weather was better then expected and we could see all the sights we planed to. We then continued to Israel and spent there about 2 weeks. As you can see from the pictures bellow we had great time in both places.

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13. August

The first 6 pictures were taken from the blue angles flight show during the Seafair. Then we have pictures from Seattle (Library, Alki beach etc...) and from Orcas Island were we went we saw some whales, eagles and star fish.

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11. Picnic

The following pictures are taken from Microsoft picnic at the end of July.

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10. Ben Brit Mila

We celebrated Ben's Brit at home with friends on July 24th.

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08. 4th of July

At 4th of July we went to Kirkland to see their parade.

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06. Lake Chelan

At Memorial Day weekend (May 28-31) we went to Wapato Point located on beautiful Lake Chelan with the London's and the Feuerstein's. We rented a boat and went for a sail in the lake itself. The weather was great and we had a great time there as you can see in the following pictures.

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05. May

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04. April

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02. march

March was an exciding month for us. It started of with Purim where Shira wore the same custom Hagit wore when she was Shira's age. Few days later we celebrated Yaniv's 31st Birthday. On a sunny Saturday Yaniv, Shira, Uri and Abigail took the time to ride the bike on Marymoor park.

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01. Lior's BDay

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