22. December

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20. cookies

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19. Halloween

At the End of October we went to the Remlinger Farms, where Shira had great time with Yaeli and Abigail. Shira enjoyed riding the pony, took a train tour around the farm and fun with the other activities. In November we had a Halloween party at the Honeybees class in Shira's day care; Shira's custom was a fairy. We then went to Microsoft to do some trick or treating.

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18. Israel

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17. Northwest trek

Northwest Trek is a reverse zoo located approximately 90 miles south of Seattle. It contains a 435 acre free-roaming area featuring 10 species of prey animals. In this part of the park, the animals roam freely as they would in their native habitat. The zoo and the park has gone to great lengths to make sure that each animal is in an environment similar to one found in the wild.

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16. Yakima

At the beginning of September, to summarize the summer we decided to do some water activity. We went to Yakima River & Canyon, which located about 1.5 hours east of Seattle, we took our inflatable boat and had some fun in the river.

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15. whistler

On Labor Day weekend (Aug 29 - Aug 31) we went to Whistler (4.5 hours north of Seattle) with Kalach and Ben-Tovim families. On the way to Whistler we visited the gold mine, which was operated till 1974 and try to find some gold. In Whistler we took the gondola up to Whistler Mountain and from there did a small hike to a lake. On the next day we went to lost lake and had some fun in the beach.

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14. Snoqualmie train ride

A popular tourist activity is a 10-mile scenic journey to the top of Snoqualmie Falls on the Snoqualmie Valley railroad's historic diesel train operated between Snoqualmie, with its turreted railway depot-museum, and North Bend.

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13. Wallace Falls trail

A moderate hike that seeks to enjoy the entire Wallace Falls State Park. The more natural Woody Trail stays fairly close to the creek to rise to the falls overlook.

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12. lake 22 trail

Short trail outside Granite Falls in Snohomish County, features of cathedral cedar and fir forests. The Lake 22 Trail offers not only impressive old growth, some 5 or more feet in diameter, but also a series of lovely waterfalls.

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11. Rainforest resort Olympic Peninsula

Located on the gorgeous Olympic Peninsula on Quinault Lake, the Lake Quinault is at home in the Quinault Rainforest, a temperate rainforest and the only one of its kind in North America. The uniqueness and beauty of a temperate rainforest can only be seen here.

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10. Spray Parks

We decided to go hiking with Shira and Avi to the Spray Park and Spray Falls in Mount Rainer National Park. We went first to see the meadows but unfortunately we couldn't see Rainer peak from there. Then we went to see the falls.

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09. Greenlake

In one of the warm Saturday in July we went with Michal, Uri, Judd and the kids to have some fun in Greenlake. The kids really enjoy playing in the water as you can see in the following pictures.

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08. Snow lake

Snow Lake Trail is one of the most frequented trails in the greater Seattle area and can be a very crowded hike. The trail begins at a flat grade traveling through a series of avalanche chutes and groves of large trees. At 2.0 miles there is a spur trail, which goes 0.5 mile to Source Lake. Snow Lake Trail #1013 turns sharply right at this point and switchbacks up the ridge before dropping down to lake level. At the top of the ridge a large rock outcropping offers an overlook of the lake and is a popular destination for day hikers. Length 3 mile, Beginning Elevation-3100 feet, Ending Elevation-4100 feet, level of difficulty-Most Difficult

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07. Shira 2nd B-Day and more

In June and July we celebrate Shira's birthday in many ways and places. We kicked off the celebration at home following by celebrating at Sagiv�s place, then in the daycare and closed the celebrations at the Art Experiences place. At the Art Experiences we had lots of fun doing some art work and getting dirty.

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06. Arizona Utha

On the memorial weekend (May 21st till May 27th) we decided to go for a trip to the Canyons. Moti decided to join us as well. We spend our time in Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. We really enjoyed these places and also joined the great weather.

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05. Shira May

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04. April

April was a fun month we celebrated Passover and we enjoyed a sunny weekend at the Woodland Park zoo in Seattle. Shira enjoyed petting the sheep as you can see from the pictures.

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03. Purim

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02. Yaniv's 30th BDay At Wenatchee

We decided to surprise Yaniv on his 30th year birthday and took him to Wenatchee for the weekend. We had lots of fun skiing and playing in the snow. Yaniv also went with Moti and Doron on a snowmobile drive which was a blast.

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01. Orlando-Trip

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